Sleepless Nights Dark Roast Drip Coffee

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Inspired by Vietnamese coffee drinking culture, the blend goes well with everything from milk to flavored syrups where you could customize your own favorite cup of thick and creamy coffee. Toasty aromatic, balanced acidity, and a nutty body are what characterize this house blend. 
Le Signature Collection was created for individuals who are looking for comfort in their daily coffee routines. We keep it simple, authentic yet unforgettable from the moment you open our coffee.

Our coffee is made to order and the ground level can be personalized. 
We offer 4 different types of grind levels according to your preferences.
Grind Levels: Whole Beans, Espresso (Fine), Drip Filter (Medium), French press (Coarse)

Tasting Notes: Tobacco, Mellow and Rich Chocolate
Roasting Level: Dark Roast
Net Weight: 10oz
*Notes: Once you place the order, your coffee will be roasted to order within 48-36 hours to ensure its freshness. You can expect most orders to arrive in 5 - 8 business days.

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